Our Travel Bucket List

Hey Lovelies!

My biggest inspiration for creating this blog was to be able to document my travels around this beautiful planet. I’m lucky enough to have the most amazing boyfriend who also shares my love for travelling. So… we decided to sit down and make a list, OUR TRAVEL BUCKET LIST! *does little dance* Continue reading “Our Travel Bucket List”

My First Blog Post

So, this is my first ever blog post, YAY!

I’m not sure how this blogging malarky is going to go but I’m so excited to start. I mainly decided I wanted to start blogging because I’m the type of person who really enjoys to look back and reminisce on things I’ve done and accomplished. I felt like blogging would be such an amazing way to document the great times (and possibly the not-so-great times) of my life. Continue reading “My First Blog Post”